Venus Childcare & Learning Center, differentiates itself from its competitors based on the type and quality of product and service offered. We provide care for children ranging from age six weeks through thirteen years.

Infant Programs (Birth – 16 months), Toddler Programs (16 months – 3 Years), Preschool Programs (3 – 4 Years), Pre-kindergarten Programs (4 – 5 Years), Before and After School Programs (5–13 Years), 7th Graders Discovery Programs, Summer Adventure Programs, Drop Ins, Special Events Nights, Half Day Programs, Full time, Part time, Participating at Venus’ Childcare  & Learning Center

Our Educational Programs
Our Comprehensive Curriculum that meets Virginia’s Early Learning Standards for ALL ages.  Progress reports are given at the end of every season/quarter

Field Trips
Farms, Library, Arcades, Children’s Museum, Chuck-E-Cheese, Family Fun Center, Pump it up, National Aquarium, National Zoo, Petting Zoo, Roller Skating, ice Skating, Theme Parks, Themed Parties, Water Park, Movie Theater, and more

Birthdays, Eastern, Cultural Heritage, Fall Harvest in place of Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, open house, dinner with the family, parent night outs as way of our appreciation while we seek the opportunity to socialize with other parents and staffs.

On-site Games and Equipments for all ages
Computers, karaoke for kids music and dance, educational games and music for different ages, babies DVDs, CDs, outdoors equipments (swings, slides, monkey bars, basketball, rides) many more.

USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) Food Program
We give your child a daily nutritional meal of fewer serving of fats and sweets and a higher intake of key nutrients.  Meals include: breakfast, lunch, pm snacks.

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